Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Week in the Life of a Mormon Celebrity

June 28, 2013

Dear Mom, Dad, Elder Bonney, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Andrew, Eve, James, Miriam, Anna, Joseph, Rebekah, Abigail, Esther, Peter, and everybody else!
(Phew! I always feel like a champ when I finish that...)
Alright. For the past few weeks, the MTC was going crazy with rumors about this special broadcast on June 23rd. First, the prophet was going to be there. Then, rumor had it the PROPHET AND THE TWELVE were going to be there. And then cynics started talking about how it wasn't really as big as everyone thought it was going to be. Well, the 23rd came and there were all these new rules about what we had to wear and where we were allowed to go and all those lovely parts of our lives that are strictly regulated. And then it began. June 23rd, 9am. The classroom at the end of the hall was going crazy. They were all standing on chairs looking out their basement window. The sisters (us) investigated. ELDER HOLLAND WAS STANDING RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW!!!!! AHHH!!!!! THEN President Packer was wheeled out of a van into the main building. OH MY GOSH! We were so close. SO CLOSE! The rest of the day, we were so excited for the broadcast.
The broadcast was incredible. There were 11 of the 12 apostles present, and both President Packer and President Monson joined us via video feed. The whole thing was broadcast worldwide and the Washington DC North Mission (our home mission!!!) was also present via satellite video feed to represent all the missions of the Church. AND I WAS TOTALLY IN THE BROADCAST! Totally Mormon famous. And I was in it like 3 times. Aw yeah. Okay. Confession: I really wanted to be in the video. Just cause I did. Just cause. So I might have prayed a selfish little prayer to be in it. Maybe. Just maybe. And IT WAS ANSWERED! Testimony of prayer status? Strengthened. Cause I was totally in it. And I'm still really excited about it. And I might be forever.
(You can still watch the broadcast on I'm in Hark All Ye Nations and in Elder Holland's introduction cause they flash back to the choir.)
But the broadcast was more than just a film debut for thousands of missionaries. It was a powerful call to serve for members throughout the world. The work is going forward and with as many missionaries as have chosen to serve (70,274 as of last week! And then 890 reported to just the Provo MTC since then!) missionaries and members must be united. It was so inspiring to hear the words of the prophet and apostles, and I know they are men of God! I encourage you all to watch the broadcast. It completely renewed my desire to serve, and there is never a time that the prophet and apostles will speak to us that the Spirit will not.
Aaaand here's the Korean tidbit for the week: Konglish. Korean has a strong English influence. Going through my missionary vocabulary book, I started looking at random words. I decided to sound out the Korean word for "chapstick": "chap-suh-tik." Oh. Duh. hahaha Lipstick (lip-uh-stik), fried chicken (huh-rye-ed-chi-kin), hairspray (har-uh-spuh-ray-ee), and ward (wah-duh) are all Konglish words. Just say it with a Korean accent and they'll understand you. Lucky for us! Until we're in the middle of a lesson frantically looking up the word "internet" to explain where we can read the words of the living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, we sound it out and it's... wait for it.... "in-ter-net-uh". Whoop! There is it. I love Konglish words. :) I think they're hilarious. It always makes my day a little brighter when I find one.
Teaching is going so well!!!!!! Our lessons have gotten smoother and smoother. I've found that when I study Korean for my investigators instead of myself, I learn so much more. Yesterday, we taught a lesson to Sister Huang about prophets and we only had to look up one word! (Internet. Yup. That happened.) We practiced really hard so that we would be able to better teach together instead of just teaching our separate portions of the lesson, and as the Korean saying goes, our efforts did not betray us. I have a incredibly difficult time understanding Korean, but I actually speak it pretty well! But during our lesson, through the Spirit, all our abilities were magnified and I was able to speak that which the Spirit impressed me to, and I only had to ask Sister Huang to repeat herself once! I was even able to use scriptures to answer her questions. And we cannot read the scriptures in Korean. Even Koreans have a hard time with that. And they're Asian. I'm an American white girl. No way am I able to read those, so that was a big deal.
Everytime we teach, I feel the Lord working with us. I love teaching so much because that is when I feel closest to the Spirit and I can feel Heavenly Father working through me despite my many inadequacies. This work is a work of salvation. This work is the Lord's work. He serves with us, and I'm an inexpressively grateful for His love and patience with us. I could not be learning Korean without Him enlightening my mind. I could not be teaching lessons without Him guiding my words. I could not be a good companion without Him helping me see others as He does. I could not be serving this mission without Him at my side. I know Heavenly Father loves us. I know that if we only ask in faith, that He will answer our prayers and use us as instruments in His hands. I have felt Him use me, and I have witnessed Him use others. This is His work. And He will not let us fail. I could not be more grateful to be serving a mission, and I know that no matter whether we are missionaries or not, He will guide us and care for us if we trust Him. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
I love you all so much!
Sister Bonney
PS Thank you all so much for your letters!