Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"This is the word of God, and it will bless your life forever!"

November 4, 2013
Dear everyone!

Oh my goodness. A year from today I will be going home. So crazy. It's impossible to believe that I've already been on a mission this long. There have been so many days I almost couldn't remember a time before my mission, and time was just flying by.

Well, this week has been full of ups and downs and LOTS of miracles. Because we have no investigators, we've been proselyting a LOT. We proselyte on the streets, subways, buses, trains, everywhere. Spending most of our time proselyting has been a really refining experience for me. After two weeks of proselyting almost all the time and still with no investigators, sometimes you have to check yourself to make sure you don't sound desperate. "The message we're sharing is SO special! It will bless your life FOREVER! PLEASE!" 

One night, we were really struggling. Nobody was even accepting our free English class fliers! So we found a quiet spot and sat down and prayed. After we prayed, I just walked up to the first woman I saw and held out a Book of Mormon and said, "We are sharing such a special message! This book has the word of God. I know this book is true!..." She ran away. Literally. Yeah. Missionaries are crazy. We go up to random strangers and talk about religion.

But I've also never been happier during my mission. When you proselyte, you testify. You are constantly sharing with others what you know is true. And nothing gives you greater joy and strength. During the past couple weeks, Sister Oh and I have truly been able to feel the love the Lord has for His children and for us as we've striven to give our all to share His gospel. I know this gospel is true. 

And we ARE sharing a VERY special message! We are sharing the message that the church Jesus Christ established when He was on the earth has again been restored fully and perfectly to the earth! We are sharing the message that through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can be with our families forever! We are sharing the message that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, ALL people can overcome death and sin and live again with Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son. I KNOW our message is true. If you're reading this and you wants to know if it's true, test it. John 7:17 Alma 32:27 Live the gospel. Experience the fruits of the gospel, the blessings that come to those who live it. I promise with all my heart that you will come to know that it is true. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love you all so much!

But never forget Heavenly Father loves you most.

Sister Bonney