Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baptisms for the New Year!

January 6, 2014
Dear everyone!
Brother Choi and Jiwon got baptized this past Saturday and confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting. They're already such amazing members. The baptismal service had a spirit words can't describe, and Brother Choi and Jiwon were just as excited for their baptisms as we were. Actually, Brother Choi was so excited for his baptism that he woke up at 4am that morning. :) After they were baptized, we asked them how they felt when they were baptized, and Brother Choi said he couldn't express it in words, it was so wonderful.
It has been such an indescribable blessing to be able to teach them, prepare them for baptism, and then witness their baptism and confirmation. I know Heavenly Father loves them so very much, and He prepared them so perfectly to find and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionaries didn't find Brother Choi and Jiwon. They found us. They just came to church because they wanted to learn more. They tested the gospel as Alma asks us to do (Alma 32:27) and they learned of its truthfulness. Because they chose to accept it, it will only continue to bless their lives.
Faith building experience from just yesterday: On Sunday afternoon, we had planned to visit two families, but we felt something was missing. Sister Park felt we needed to visit someone, but we didn't know who. We took a look at our less active list and found a name. Sister Hyosun Lee. Sister Park knew her and I had met her sons, but we didn't know her very well. Even still, we felt we needed to visit her. We gave her a call Sunday morning, and asked if we could visit briefly that night. She said sure. Part way through our second appointment, we got a text from her saying she couldn't meet us. We asked her why, and she texted back that she was at the hospital with her youngest son who had just broken his arm. We called and asked if we could visit, and if she would like her son to receive a priesthood blessing. We called the elders and as we were meeting, we ran into two brothers from the ward. We went to the hospital together and the elders and the two brothers from the ward (Brother Moon and Brother Jung) offered a priesthood blessing for her son. When we got home that night, we got a text from Sister Lee's oldest son: "Thank you so much for taking care of us..."
We didn't take care of them. Heavenly Father did. He knew where they were, He knew that they would need help before they needed it, and He knew to put Brother Moon and Brother Jung in a place where they would be needed. It was so incredible to be able to witness how perfectly Heavenly Father knows and cares for His children.
Til next week! I love you all so much!
Sister Bonney