Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dream team and the drunk guys...

October 5th, 2014
Dear everyone!

It's been another exciting week in Bangeojin. And this week was awesome. Why? Because it was full of miracles and also hilarious.

First, the memorable moments.

- We got two huge boxes of corn flakes from a drunk guy who lives on our street.  

- We gave one box to the elders' investigator. ;)

- Sister Hurley on the phone with the sister training leaders:
    STL: "So do you have any problems with your elders?"
    Me: "It's the biggest temptation."
    Sister Hurley: "What?!"
Explanation: I was looking at the General Conference links on lds.org. I didn't hear the conversation. But it did turn out really funny... At least we think so.

- A different drunk guy followed us into a convenience store and bought our snacks for us. He said, "I'm a bad person, so I'm grateful for your good work." When Sister Hurley tried to pay him back, he said, "Use it to buy something for somebody else." Profound.

- In Relief Society, we read an article from the Liahona called the Jaredite Cabbage. (It's amazing. I recommend you read it. It will make your day.^^) Then the Relief Society president went around and asked everyone what their weaknesses are. (Read the article. It makes sense.) Everyone was saying things like, "I don't want to forgive people when they're unkind." "I'm unhealthy and weak." and things like that. Then they get to ...the sister missionaries. They asked me. Without thinking too much I blurted out "Saying things without thinking. So it's a good thing I got called Korean speaking!" They all thought it was hilarious. Then I realized what I had said. Case and point... haha Yup. Sunday's are exciting.

Now, the part you've all been waiting for...the MIRACLES!

- The elders were on the street talking to people when they got a strong impression to stay where they were. They did. For about 10 minutes trying to talk to the people there, but none of them where willing to talk to the elders. All of a sudden, this woman approaches the elders and asks if we still teach free English. Her name is ...wait for it.... Sister Kim! Surprise. (Welcome to Korea.) And she used to attend English class here 10 years ago! Also, when she was 12, 25 years ago, she used to hang out at the church with the missionaries and her friends. She came to our English class once, and we invited everyone in our English class to the baptism last week. She actually came! That's a really big deal. Since then, we've been able to teach her twice already and she's amazing. :)

- Sister Kim. A different one. (I'm sorry that all our investigators are named Sister Kim. That's got to be really confusing. It's not even funny anymore...) ANYWAYS, this Sister Kim we met a few weeks ago and when we met, she busted out in fluent English better than just about any Korean's I've ever heard. We were able to share about what we do as missionaries, and everything went really well, but we realized she doesn't see us as missionaries at all.  She knows we're missionaries, but she sees us as her friends. That was making it kind of hard to plan to teach her because she had said she didn't want lessons, but she actually likes the gospel a lot. We had an appointment with her this week, and we were praying that we would be able to find a way to teach her. Then we met, and as we were talking, she said, (1) "What makes your church different?" (2) "Why are there so many churches?". Thank you, Heavenly Father!!! We were able to teach the Restoration right then and there. SO grateful to Heavenly Father that He knows our investigators and that He also goes with us.

- Last but not least, Stacy. Stacy is from Australia! She's teaching English in Korea at an after-school academy. We met her 6 weeks ago while we were on the street. She came up to us and friendily asked us why were in Korea. Reasonable question. We explained what we do and we actually were able to talk to her about religion. She was pretty open, but we weren't able to get her number. Now fast forward 6 weeks later to Saturday night. We were leaving the church to go street contacting with the elders, and it was dark. All of a sudden, Stacy walked up to us and said hi! We were able to show her our church right then and invite her. Miracle? She actually came! I translated sacrament meeting for her, but being a foreigner in a Korean church is just awkward. I know. I get that. Been doing that for a while. I was praying so hard in my heart for SOMETHING to help her have a good experience, and then one of the little kids in the branch waved at her. Stacy got so happy and it turned out that that little kid was her student! She talked for about 5 minutes about him, and then later, when sacrament meeting ended, he came up and talked to her. Just then, another wonderful woman in our branch turned around, saw Stacy, and just stared with the most surprised (but happy) look on her face. She and Stacy taught at the same academy! I was SO grateful for that. It was an amazing experience and such a reminder to me that Heavenly Father is always watching over not only us, but our investigators too. He loves them so much more than we ever could, and He knows them. He's always doing what He can to prepare the way for them.

The work is real! The Lord lives, and He's serving with us! I love Him so much, and I'm so grateful for His constant help.

I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Bonney

PS My birthday's this Friday. :D  21 years old. Geezer.
PPS If you have any ideas for a Halloween party, let me know! Please! We're planning a huge one right now.

Sister Hurley, Sister Kim (who was baptized last week), me, and her two adorable little boys, Joowon and Joobin. Love this family so much!!!!