Sunday, August 18, 2013

Billie Jean in Busan?

August 19, 2013
Hello everybody!!!!
Wow! Time flies here! I can't believe it's already P-Day again!
First of all, I forgot something from last week. Last week, I said that Koreans are obsessed with Samsung and that we have a Samsung washer and a Samsung air conditioning unit. That's not completely true. We also have a Samsung refrigerator and there are Samsung cars. Wow.
Okay! Living in Korea as a missionary, but more specifically me, has a couple interesting catches. ;)
- Everytime you talk to a Korean, you say where you're from and you ask where they're from. Well, Koreans only know three places in America: New York, California, and Las Vegas. The odd one knows Florida. Anyway, everytime I say I'm from Maryland, they just look at me really weird, and I DON'T know how to say, "It's close to New York," so I've just started saying I'm from New York. There's loyalty for you. We get more contacts when I say I'm from New York anyway. They think it's super cool.^.^
- Koreans think my last name sounds like 'bunny'. Yeah. They think it's absolutely hilarious. A couple of the older men in the ward have actually started calling me "rabbit girl". You just gotta love em. At least this will give me something to tell my children: "Mom, she called me stupid!" "Oh yeah? Well, I was called 'rabbit girl' for 18 months. Live and let live."
Oh my goodness. Yesterday, we had the MOST hilarious lesson. Sister Yoon is a new investigator. She met our elders on the bus and actually poked one of them with her umbrella. In the face. Oh purpose.^.^ She asked him if he was an English teacher, and he told her about how we do teach English privately, but after 30 min of English, you are asked to learn about our gospel for 30 min. She was really excited. So yesterday, we met with the elders and her to see who she'd prefer to teach her after meeting with both of us. And she is honestly one of the funniest people I've ever met. And I can't even understand ANYTHING she says. Except when she asked me if I liked Michael Jackson. I said sure! And she asked if I liked Billie Jean. Sure! And then she got up right in the middle of our lesson and did the Billie Jean dance right there for us. And she's like 60. And it was incredibly good. I thought I was going to die. I was laughing and in shock, and it was awesome! After we got her to sit back down, we did have an amazing lesson, and I really hope she takes the gospel to heart. She has a strong testimony of prayer, and I know that if we can help her build on that, she will find so much joy in the gospel.
Finding joy is the whole point of the gospel! Heavenly Father has given us the gospel because He loves us so much that He wants our absolute happiness! If we just choose to trust Him enough to be obedient, we will be blessed beyond anything we could imagine for ourselves, and our joy will be so full! I know the gospel is true! And I know the Lord loves us.
I love you all so much!
Sister Bonney
PS The picture is after we walked around Yangsan for 2 hours looking for inactives. We didn't find any of them, but we did find this gigantic shoe! And I thought it was pretty sweet. And I was feeling a little Asian so I took a picture.^.^

PPS Our area is actually spelled Geumjeong. Yeah. Figured that one out this week if you feel like checking it out. :)