Sunday, August 25, 2013

Living it up with Sister Lee.

August 26, 2013
Dear everybody!

Alright. First off, I can finally cross the street by myself here.
SUPER proud of that. And that is actually a big deal because Korean
drivers are absolutely insane. And that's not an exagerration. They
NEVER stop at cross walks. Ever. And they come out of nowhere. I
cannot count the number of times Sister Lee has had to grab me and
pull me back because some phantom car showed up out of nowhere going
100 mph and I almost died. Anyway, I can now cross the street by
myself. Just saying.

Also, Samsung update! There are Samsung copy machines, Samsung
construction equipment, and Samsung toilets. I am NOT kidding. North
Korea has a dictator; South Korea has Samsung.

Sister Yoon, Korea's biggest Michael Jackson fan, is hilarious as
ever, and she has the strongest saturi (Busan dialect) I've ever
heard. Which means I can't understand anything she says. But we're
teaching her! She has so much faith! Our last lesson, we only taught
about Heavenly Father, that we are His children, and His love for us.
It was simple, but she said she felt so much in her heart. I really
hope we can help her come to recognize that those feelings are from
the Spirit!

My companion, Sister Lee, is a riot. Honestly, the first couple weeks
were kind of rough on both of us because of the language barrier, but
as we've both really worked hard to learn each other's languages and
to serve eachother, we've been so blessed! And seriously, she's pretty
hilarious. Since I'm not exactly fluent in Korean AT ALL, she can talk
really fast and she knows I can't understand anything. Well, when our
district leader called to ask me to say the closing prayer at an
upcoming district meeting, she took the phone from me and talked
really fast. I asked her what she said, and she said she asked him if
I could sing a solo at district meeting. She was laughing and so I
thought she was totally joking. She wasn't. A few days later at
district meeting (which is all in Korean btw), right in the middle of
it, Elder Jeong turns to me and says (in Korean), "And now we'll have
a special musical number from Bonney 자매님." Yup. Totally serious. Wow.
And she made me do it. Thought I was gonna die.

One more precious Sister Lee moment: First, you need to know that we
live in a upper level apt. Anyway, yesterday, Sister Lee was in the
kitchen area, cooking, and I was at my desk. All of a sudden, she
starts screaming. What the heck. I thought she was on fire or
something. She ran back into our main room, and I asked her what the
heck had happened! Turns out, there was a naked man hanging out on his
roof. Oh my gosh. But he heard Sister Lee screaming, saw her through
the window, and ran inside. What. The. Heck. Wow. Keeping it lively in

Honestly, the work is pretty slow in our area right now. Finding is
difficult, and our few solid potential investigators don't have time
to meet for months or have other things keeping them from meeting with
us. But the more difficult it is to do this work, the more my
testimony grows of how this is the Lord's work and it is not ours. All
we can do is be obedient and have faith. We have to trust that our
best is enough. The Lord has promised to serve with us if we trust Him
and if we give our all, and I know that somehow He is doing something
in our area, even if it is just planting seeds in the hearts of the
people. The Lord uses those who are worthy, and so we are doing our
utmost to be worthy of His work. I know this is His work, and I know
that this is His gospel.

I love you all!!!!!!!

Sister Bonney

PS The pictures - Last week, we had to hike up this insane hill in the
pouring rain to get to an inactive's house. When we got to the top,
the rain cleared and the usual smog over Busan was gone, and it was