Write me!

Because of the new policy, you can email me!


Honestly, I would LOVE letters, and chances are I'll be able to write you back sooner if you write me a letter cause I can only check my email once a week and even then I only get an hour. (Cue internet withdrawal.)

While I'm in the MTC, my address is:

Sister Sarah Faith Bonney
2009 N 900 E Unit 160
Provo, UT 84602

The easiest way to write to me while I'm in the MTC is probably through dearelder.com. It's free! And everybody likes free.

Beginning 30 July, my address is:

Sister Sarah Faith Bonney
Korea Busan Mission
Dongnae PO Box 73
Busan, Korea 607-600

It takes about 2 weeks for letters to get there. Brings new meaning to snail mail. Emailing's probably best while I'm in Korea.

And no beef jerky! For some reason it's confiscated by customs. Don't ask. Cause I don't know either.