Friday, March 7, 2014

50% done...

March 3, 2014
Dear everyone!

Guess what. As of this coming Friday, my mission is 50% over. Crazy crazy crazy. Last May or June or even October, I wasn't quite sure if I would live this long. But time keeps moving forward and somehow it passes.

This coming Friday we also having Mission Tour! Elder Ringwood of the Seventy will be speaking to us, and we're all very excited. To missionaries, this kind of thing rates up there with Christmas.

Not too much exciting stuff in Gumi these days! Sister Kim has been super busy with school, so it's been hard to meet her.  We haven't really been able to meet with Sister Lee because....she is having her baby tomorrow! We're very excited for her. Other than that, we haven't been able to meet with anyone. Finding is hard everywhere in Korea, but recently we've really struggled to find. We ALWAYS struggled to find, but recently it's been particularly frustrating. I was getting really disappointed and letting myself get discouraged when I realized that it's all in your attitude. When I served in my first area, I had no idea how little success we were having because I was just happy to be a missionary. To me, every little thing was a miracle. God's hand was everywhere and I was so grateful to see it. Recently, I realized that even when we have a little success, I took it for granted. As a missionary, all you can do is work as hard as you can and be as obedient as  you can and have faith that Heavenly Father knows your efforts and is working miracles you can't see yet. Brother Choi is one of those miracles. (He and Jiwon haven't missed a Sunday yet!) There are so many miracles Heavenly Father can't wait to bless us with. Sometimes we just need to exercise our faith first and express gratitude to Him for the many blessings He's already given us.

I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that this is Christ's church once again on the earth. I know God lives, and I know He knows us. He is our father, and we are His children. He is more aware of us than we can imagine, and He loves us so very much.

I love you all!

Sister Bonney