Monday, March 17, 2014

Koreans don't know what leprechauns are...

March 17, 2014

Dear everyone!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you're all wearing green and eating corned beef and cabbage. Koreans have no idea what St. Patrick's Day is, but that's okay! Cause they have awesome holidays we don't know about. And Koreans know how to celebrate. Just the other week, we had Korean Independence Day! There were dancing flash mobs and Koreans in traditional clothing giving out flowers and K-pop blasting all throughout our area of Gumi! It was so much fun!

Miracle moment! There's at least one every week and this week's is ESPECIALLY amazing.

Remember Sister Lee? The SUPER pregnant young woman who loves the Book of Mormon? Well, she FINALLY had her baby on March 10. And he's ADORABLE. Oh my goodness. Korean babies are the cutest! We're pretty good friends with Sister Lee, so she called us up and let us know, and we asked if we could visit. We headed down to Kimcheon the next day. While we visited her, we met her husband for the first time. He started talking to us, and it turned out that he had met the Kimcheon elders just a few days before! He had their number, and his impression of them had been VERY positive.

As soon as we left, we called the Kimcheon elders. They knew about Sister Lee, and when we told them who her husband was and that they had met him, they were possibly the happiest elders I've ever heard. Then they told us how they met him: Brother Baek (Sister Lee's husband) works at a tool shop that's on the way to a lot of less actives' houses in Kimcheon, so the elders would pass it several times a week. They said hi every time they passed, and over the period of a month, Brother Baek started saying hi back, and then first. One day as the elders were walking by, Brother Baek pulled up next to them on a motorcycle after making a delivery. The elders started talking to him, and introduced about the gospel. Brother Baek said he was interested and he'd love to talk some time, and he gave them his number.

The Lord definitely has a plan for this family! I'm so grateful to be serving here and for the opportunity to see the Lord's work for His children in so many marvelous ways! If only Sister Lee and Brother Baek knew how many miracles the Lord is working for their family! Oh my goodness, I love missionary work! There is nothing greater than the work of salvation! There is nothing that brings greater joy or satisfaction or gratitude than working with the Lord to share the blessings of the gospel. With all my heart, I know this gospel is true. I know God lives! I know He still communicates with His children and that He works so many miracles for us everyday. He loves us more than we could ever imagine.

I love you all!

Sister Bonney