Monday, December 8, 2014

Mission: (Almost) Accomplished

December 7, 2014
Dear everyone!

T-minus one week. Crazy, isn't it? Time flies when you're in the service of the Living God.

So, in our mission, we have a crisis. This crisis is......... there are not enough sister missionaries!!!! Girls, pack your bags and put in your papers cause the Lord needs you! But actually, it's just cause all of us who came out right after the age-drop are going home now so numbers are going down. But this is kind of a little problem because that means some areas with sisters are getting closed. This means that both sisters serving in that area leave and then the elders are left to work in the area. In our zone, we're pretty sure that President is going to close an area, and we were scared that Bangeojin was one of the top candidates for getting closed. Although we'd been working hard, we hadn't been able to find a ton of investigators or teach a lot of lessons, and we really wanted to do everything we could to change that so Bangeojin's chances of getting closed are lowered. And because the work is real and God lives, we saw miracles. After struggling for a while in our area, over the past few weeks we found quite a few and we have several people we will be inviting to be baptized this week. We have appointments and lessons, and on Saturday, we were so busy, we didn't even have time for meals. It was amazing! We went from struggling to think of things to do to fill our day to struggling to find time to grab a sandwich because we had so many lessons! The Lord lives and He does this work with us. And I sure hope He doesn't close Bangeojin...

And this is the end. Today starts my last week as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Korea Busan Mission. When I started my mission in May 2013, I was convinced that I was going to die of old age before Christmas. 18 months seemed like such a long time! But now I have one week to go. I refuse to talk about the end because I know if I do, I will cry. My heart is here with the people I love and the country I've grown to cherish. I know it will be hard to leave, but it's okay because the greatest thing I've gained on my mission, the one I've grown to love the most, I will never have to leave.

As missionaries, we wear a nametag with our name and the name of the Savior. When we walk the streets, others can see our tag and know who we serve and what we stand for. We are here to serve the Savior by serving His children and inviting them to come unto Him. We teach of Him, we testify of Him, and we rejoice in Him. We seek to follow in His footsteps in serving the children of All Mighty God. When a mission ends, and a missionary is released, you take your tag off; you no longer wear the name of the Savior. As my mission has come to an end, I have grown to know how much I love the Savior and how much I cherish the privilege of bearing His name. I know He lives. He is my closest friend. Although I leave these people, I never have to leave the Savior. Although I leave the streets, I can always walk with the Savior. Although I take off my tag, His name will be forever engraved on my heart.

I love you all so very much. And see you soon!

Sister Bonney