Saturday, August 16, 2014

Do miracles still happen? Heck yeah.

August 3, 2014

Dear family!

Oh my goodness... We saw SO many miracles in Bangeojin this week! It's crazy!

1. We had a branch proselyting activity after church last week, and all our members went out and talked to people with us. And on Wednesday, one of the people who a member talked to called us! She came to our children's English class and she has so much interest! It's amazing. She came to us. That almost never happens. The hand of the Lord in Bangeojin. I testify of that.

2. This week, we got a referral from some elders in our district. It was a high school student with English interest. We got to meet her a few days ago and she brought her friend. And oh my goodness. It was one of the most incredible lessons I've ever experienced on my mission. We went from talking about our dreams for the future to talking together about whether or not we can know if God is there. (You can, by the way.) They were blown away by the idea that you can have a personal relationship with God and they are SO excited to pray and read the Book of Mormon. I can't explain how amazing it was to be able to be a part of that.

Not much time left this week, but the Lord lives! He's working SO many miracles and He has so many miracles that He's just waiting to work. He's only waiting for us to be ready for them. Ah! I love missionary work!!!

I love you!

Sister Bonney