Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ratatouille in Bangeonjin?

June 30, 2014
Dear family!!!

Alright! I'm in Bangeojin! What is Bangeojin? It's okay.  Most Koreans don't know either. The only things that are famous in our area are Hyundai and the whale festival. EVERYONE in Bangeonjin works at the Hyundai factories. If they don't, they work at a school teaching the kids of the people working at the Hyundai factories. I'm not kidding. Also, Bangeojin is on the coast! The weather here is the best in the mission for summer. Grateful? Heck yes. And the whale festival in this month. I'll let you know how that goes. ;)

The Bangeojin branch building has a unique problem. As you may have guessed from the title of the email, it is a rat problem. Pretty exciting! My first time going to the church with Sister Bae, we found a dead rat. Right in front of the front door. After screaming, we took a picture. Cause that's just what you do. I'll send it next week. We then called the elders. One of them goes, "Hey, do you remember where the branch president buried the other one?" THE OTHER ONE?????? Well, yes. There have been three found since I've gotten here. It's pretty exciting! At least one person screams, then we bury it, sometimes we say a prayer at the grave, and then the branch members set out more traps. 

Hey. Bangeojin's a pretty lively place. And the missionary work here is amazing. There are so many people here
who are open to the gospel. Our members are incredible and they work so hard to share the gospel with their friends. Almost all of them served missions, and so they know how to do missionary work, and, oh boy, do they do it. We have a baptism this Sunday, and our members have already introduced three of their friends to us since getting here. Bangeojin is the promised land. I'm so grateful to be here.Heavenly Father is working so many miracles here. We've seen so many already this week, and I'm so excited to get back out and work. The work is hastening, and we're privileged to be a part of it.

I love you all so much!

The gospel's true, so stay true to the gospel!

Sister Bonney