Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sister Yoon in Yeonsan. :)

May 25, 2014

Dear everyone! 

I hope you had a fantastic week!!! Sister Yoon and I had an AMAZING week and I'm so grateful we get to serve together in Yeonsan. We are having a blast and seeing so many miracles! We've had so many experiences where people have come up to US and talked first to US about the church. It's amazing. We have appointments with new investigators and we've been able to meet so many new people in the area. And our members are so loving and are working so diligently and lovingly to invite their friends to learn of the gospel. I'm so grateful to be serving in Yeonsan.

Sister Yoon and I are having so much fun together. She's a dream companion, and we just get along incredibly well. I didn't know having a companion could be this fun! I'm so grateful we're serving together and I hope we get two transfers together. We're both already praying for that one. ;)

This Thursday is my year mark!!!! Crazy. In one way it feels like I've only been out for a few weeks, but in other it feels like I've always been here. Time is so weird as a missionary. It goes so fast, but it swallows up everything. There is only your mission. You and your comp and your area and the language and the members and your investigators and the Lord.... There is only you and your mission. But time speeds by swallowing up everything else as it goes. And it's good because being distracted makes missionary work harder. It's hard to explain, but it's so much easier to just focus on the work and the area and the Lord because when that's where your mind and heart are, Heavenly Father can help you so much more because when our efforts are for His work, He can increase our ability because doing so blesses His children and hastens His work. It's a powerful thing to experience, and I know it's real. I'm so humbly grateful to be a missionary and to be able to take part in Heavenly Father's work. This gospel is true and I know that He lives! I know that Christ lives and that we can do anything the Lord would have us do as we move forward with faith in Him. I love Heavenly Father, and I know He loves me. His work is truly a labor of love, and I'm so deeply grateful to be a part of it. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!

I love you all so much!!! Have a great week!

Sister Bonney