Saturday, August 16, 2014

Learning on the go...

June 16, 2014

Dear everyone!
First of all, sorry about last week's email. Or lack thereof. An emergency(?) kind of thing came up and we had to leave really fast. Jeez. This week, we have nothing like that going on...I think..
Anyways, wow. The last two weeks have been so busy. Since Sister Yoon and I are the sister training leaders, we've been going on exchanges and had extra things to do because...President and Sister Gilbert are leaving next week!!! It's so hard to believe that they are actually leaving. It's like the mom and dad of the mission leaving. It's pretty crazy. And Yeonsan is a great area. We have AMAZING members who have helped us so much by inviting their friends to learn about the gospel and all of our investigators right now are referrals from members. It's such a blessing to be able to serve with them.
We also had zone conference this last week. Two things came from that: 1. Sister Yoon and I and two other STLs gave a talk (of sorts) with a teaching activity for the two zones in the city of Busan. Part of that required me to speak in front of 80 or so missionaries in Korean for about 10 minutes about the subject of our activity. We had had no time to prepare, but when I spoke, it wasn't hard. It was so easy, and everything I wanted to say, I just...said it. It was easier than speaking English in that moment, and I realized how much Heavenly Father loves His missionaries, because He's not only helped me; He's given so many missionaries the gift of tongues. He will ALWAYS help us to do the work He has accomplished. 2. hahahaha Funny bit. You know you're serving a mission in Korea when the office elders take 20 minutes to give a presentation on what to do if North Korea attacks. hahaha Actually, it's not funny. I guess. It shouldn't be. But, jeez, it feels like Red Dawn. But if North Korea DOES choose to attack anytime soon, I hope they d it in the next six months! I want to be here for it! I didn't come to KOREA of all places to miss an invasion! And heck. What a mission story. ;)
The last two weeks have been full of learning experience for Sister Yoon and I and for the work we're doing as missionaries, companions, and ultimately as disciples of Christ. And something I think we often forget is that EVERYONE is learning. No matter how old a missionary is, they're still learning. And that applies to our life on earth too, because NOW is the time to learn. No matter how old or experienced we get, we can never stop learning. And if we do, we need to change because time is a gift. Time was given to us to measure our progress as we learn and prepare to return to our Father in Heaven. This time is our time to change and grow and learn and we will never NOT need to progress, change, grow, learn or anything until we have returned to our Father in Heaven. Time is a gift. Let's make the most of it.
I love you all so much! Our Father in Heaven lives. This is His work, and He does it with us. I know this gospel is true with all my heart.
Sister Bonney