Saturday, August 16, 2014


August 11, 2014

Dear everyone!

Alright. I'm a horrible person and I forgot my old planner today, so I promise we did things this week, but I don't remember very specifically,..... Forgive me!

One of the highlights was going to my MTC teacher's wedding reception. Random, right? In Korea, wedding receptions are like a romantic comedy movie. Cross my heart and hope to die. There was my serious, spiritual MTC teacher Brother Kim rapping to his new wife while she danced to K-pop songs with her friends for the entire audience... I mean, the guests. It was basically half an hour of K-pop, except for the Families Can Be Together Forever arrangement that we sang with several other missionaries (that's the reason we were there...). Then, all they do is eat. For several hours on end. At a buffet that I honestly still can't believe exists. I have pictures. It's beyond words. SO big. SO fancy. And we got in for free. :) **weird food moment** But I did try raw beef salad, my companion accidentally ate coffee, and another sister missionary accidentally ate alcoholic jelly. It was a pretty interesting night for the missionaries. 

I also accidentally knocked over the bride's mom, but that's not worth remembering or anything..... 

We got to meet our recent convert Sister Kim this week. ( I swear not EVERYBODY in Korea is named Kim. That's just how our luck seems to go. ) She is progressing so well, and she has so much desire to learn about the gospel. It's been wonderful to see how she went from not being about to pray with confidence to being able to understand the scriptures when she studies with us. It's only been 7 weeks with her, but she's progressing so much. The Spirit's been helping her a lot.

Also, I broke our toilet this week. Slipped in the bathroom. Cause I'm stud.

Despite that, I got a call from President Barrow this week and ......... I'm going to be training!!!!!! So excited. It's going to be awesome! :D Both me and the other elder in Bangeojin will be training. Fun fun! More on that next week. Our members are planning a fake fight or something in church to freak them out. hahaha I love our members so much. :)

Back to the spiritual side, being companions with Sister Bae has been such a blessing. She goes home tomorrow and right now I'm with a temporary companion (Sister Oh, my second comp in Geumjeong) until the trainees come. At the end of your mission, you're exhausted. It's the last few meters of the marathon, and it was such an incredible experience to be able to help her and see how much she gave to the Lord on her mission. It was a really special experience to be able to help her finish strong.

I love you all! More next week! Stay in tune for the trainee!!!!

Sister Bonney

It's typhoon season in Bangeojin!!!! Me and Sister Bae